Return to In-Person Learning Information
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We are very excited to begin in-person learning starting April 8th for students in cohort B in grades K-3. Cohort starting dates are as follows:

April 8th – Grades K-3 Cohort B (In-person Thursdays and Fridays)

April 13th – Grades K-3 Cohort A (In-person Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

April 15th – Grades 4-6 Cohort B (In-person Thursdays and Fridays)

April 20th – Grades 4-6 Cohort A (In-person Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

All students will be distance learning every Monday.

All students will be screened before entering school. If students are experiencing any COVID symptoms, do not send them to school. Also, please remind your students a face covering must be worn at all times on campus and on the bus.

Screening will begin at 7:45 am for AM kinder and grades 1-6. Please do not drop students off before that time. Screening for AM kinder and grades 1-6 will take place at the two doors outside the cafeteria. There will be two lines where students will line up six feet apart. For PM kinder, screening will begin at 10:30 am at the kindergarten gate. It is extremely important that you are only sending your student to school on their scheduled days. Students arriving on the wrong day will need to be picked-up immediately.

Please click on the links to the right for more information regarding our return to in-person learning.  You will find links to the daily schedule, bus schedule, dismissal map, and playground map. You will also find information regarding on-site free and voluntary COVID testing for staff and students. If you would like to have your student tested, you will need to register online before testing. Students not experiencing COVID symptoms can be tested on campus. If students are experiencing symptoms, they can be tested through their provider and we can provide a list of free testing locations. We are also recommending that students bring a water bottle to use during the day since drinking fountains will be closed.

It is extremely important that all family members exercise patience and follow all dismissal procedures so dismissal will run smoothly. Please see the map located in a link to the right for information. Some important reminders for dismissal are:

  • Students who walk will be dismissed immediately to walk home
  • Bus riders will line up in the bus line
  • All other students will line up with their class in grade level lines socially distanced
  • All Buses, daycare vans, and cars should line up ONLY on the school side of Glenmoor Drive. Buses will be at the front of the line, then daycare vans, and then cars. 
  • All drivers MUST stay in their cars
  • Students will be loaded into cars in order of the cars lined up on the school side of Glenmoor Drive
  • Students will not be released to cars across the street
  • There is a separate line for parents walking to pick up their students. Students will be released to parents walking and parents in cars one by one to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • It is extremely important that everyone exercise patience and follow procedures to keep students, family members and staff safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office or email me at We are so looking forward to seeing your students on campus and we thank you for your support and patience!