Abraham Lincoln is a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment in which every student achieves social-emotional and academic success.

To achieve this vision we will:

  • provide high quality standards-based rigorous instruction
  • make classroom instruction relevant for the students
  • provide intervention and extension when necessary
  • have high expectations of all students
  • encourage critical thinking and problem-solving
  • continue to participate in professional development opportunities
  • collaboratively plan and analyze student work
  • give all students access to the school library and technological resources
  • provide students with the necessary materials to learn at high levels
  • provide students with opportunities to build background knowledge and connections to the curriculum
  • provide a safe and inviting learning environment for all students to which they feel connected
  • encourage respect, responsibility and personal growth
  • provide opportunities for family members to be engaged in the school

Class Lists


Please note – we will not honor requests of class changes at this time.

These rosters contain students who were registered prior to close of day August 25th. If you don’t see your student’s name on the roster, please call or stop in the office.

Due to over enrollment and class leveling, students may be changed from one class to another up to through the first three weeks of school. We appreciate your patience.